Insurance & InsurTech Editor

Carlos holds an Industrial Engineer and an MBA degree. He has also studies in Economics, History of Art and Philosophy.

With more than 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, he worked for companies like MetLife and Zurich in regional and global positions being responsible for Operations, IT, Underwriting, Claims, Customer Service and Business Transformation throughout the Latin America Region.

Despite his vast knowledge of technology and its uses and potential implications, he aims to create conscience about the profound changes to come in the labour market, the future of work, business models and markets and to challenge us to start thinking and planning ahead considering also changes in social, human behaviour, moral and ethics coming along with all these transformations.

He has recently published a book called “Sculpting the Future” (“Esculpiendo el Futuro”) as he truly believes the so called “Future” depend on us and it is in our hands and he is now working on two other tittles related with these matters.